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Jack and Emily Robarts, Palm Beach County, Florida—For the past 17 years, an outstanding elder person living year-round in Florida has received the C. Colburn Hardy Older Advocate Award for statewide advocacy efforts demonstrating vision and leadership regarding the future of the growing elder population in Florida. This year, for the first time, the award goes to a pair of advocates from Palm Beach County. [read more...]


A 501(c)(3) organization, the purpose of the C. Colburn Hardy Older Advocate Award is to recognize volunteer leadership in programs for older Americans, with an emphasis on statewide advocacy for older persons.

The award has been given annually to a year round Florida resident who has consistently made significant contributions to policies or programs and services for older Americans in the State of Florida.  The recipient advocates, in both the private and public sectors, for services and programs for elders and demonstrates vision, advocacy, and leadership regarding the future of services for Florida’s growing elder population.

    What is advocacy and why do we reward such action?

The CCH Older Advocate Award is about how one person can focus on important issues and develop coalitions and public-private partnerships to influence public policy, either legislative or administrative changes.

It is about going to Tallahassee and walking the Halls of the legislature and making sure that your voice, on behalf of others, is heard. It is about educating the aging community and one’s elected officials about what is needed and important at the County and District and community level. It is about making your views and voice heard. It is about promoting what is needed to ensure that Florida’s seasoned citizens are considered in deliberations just as equally as its youth and working adults.

Development and influence of public policy is not only at the State governmental level, it is also throughout one’s community where a business executive makes a difference in the lives of aging Floridians by participating on a Community Board of Directors, where a local physician contributes advice to the aging network, where a hospital executive  provides leadership in a community…it is a person who leads the way in a community and throughout the State to achieve a new or positive change that will make a difference in the lives of all senior Floridians …

    That’s what advocacy is!

In June, 1998, friends and family of Coly Hardy in conjunction with the Florida Foundation on Active Aging, established a special award in memory of one of its founding Board members, C. Colburn Hardy of West Palm Beach.

Coly Hardy was a former New Jersey State Legislator, community leader and author of numerous publications.  He wrote more than 35 financial books, including co-authoring Social Insecurity:  The Crisis in America’s Social Security System, and How to Plan Now for Your Own Financial Survival with his daughter Dorcas Hardy, former U.S. Commissioner of Social Security.

Hardy was also a long standing member of the Florida Council on Aging, an active supporter of the Area Agencies on Aging, a member of the Pepper Commission and the White House Conferences on Aging, as well as a volunteer legislative lobbyist.

It is in his honor and the memory of his spirit, service, and accomplishments that the C. Colburn Hardy Older Advocate Award was established.


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