Interschool Team


American Interschool Riding Competition Purpose: To provide a friendly and instructional riding competition between students of member riding schools during the winter season, and to encourage and promote team sportsmanship.


Caroline Lainhoff   Sydney Jakubik  Katina Householder

Ava Crites  Ava Clos  Katherine Cherry  Kaden Moore

 Marcus White  Aniah Jackson  Kendal Watts  Julie Wynn

AIRCFees for AIRC                                                                            

$10.00 per class to be made out to EKG Stables
$40.00 coaching fee per show

** Fees are to be paid before or on the day of show.
Please do not pay AIRC fees late**

If you are interested in participating in the Interschool Team, please email Erin at

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Schedule-  most start times are Draw at 11am

November 4-  Touch Point 2 hosts EKG and Hunter Lane

December 9-  EKG hosts Magnolia and Touch Point 1

January 6-  Kelly’s Ford hosts EKG and Level Green 2

February 10-  EKG hosts Cedar Knoll and Level Green 1

Finals are at Hazelwild farm 3/17 at 10AM