School Horses of EKG

The school horses are the life of our riding school.  We have all ages and levels of wonderful mounts.

BLUE “Blue Man Group”

Buttons “Cute as a Button”ribbonsbutt

Cassie “Cassablanca”

Finnigan “Finnigan”finnigan 1

Joe “Cup of Joe”

Kit “Miss Kit”

Rocky “Rockefeller”

emma rocky

Scooby “Scooby Doo”scooby

Skittles “Taste the Rainbow”ava

West “West Side Story”

Welby “Thistlehair”

Wesley “As You Wish”

Wilson “Mr. Wilson”

emma wilson

Up in coming mounts…


May May

Party foal

Erin’s Show Horses

Pokey “Unbridled Timehorse2

Daisy “Dollop of Daisybanner2

Danny “Danny Boy”



Peru “Hidden Treasure”