Media with Experience

Let’s make a video for you…. with images and a feel like this…

Add Some Unique MacGyver-made radio spots to your collection. We have Hundreds of samples…

Direct your customers to a website perhaps? Yes, we do websites.

Among the hundreds of websites that we have been a part of creating, augmenting, promoting, upgrading, integrating, or skinning… they all are different and customized to what the clients’ needs were. Our strengths are multifaceted and comprehensive.

Often, a 5-10 page WordPress site can handle a typical small business and give you an Internet presence at a huge value. Clients can do their own updates and make the usual improvements to keep the content fresh as well as increase relevance and search ability in search engines.

When a customized database, password protected areas, shopping carts, integrated video, audio, or greenscreening is called for, we have the experts on tap to make your big projects a reality. We can handle your CSS, HTML, PHP, JAVA, and C++ needs. Our programmers hone their skills on a daily basis working with GEICO, the music industry, non-profits, and Federal Government contracts.