Q?What about APPs?

“Apps” are essentially just applications (computer programs) written in the language of a portable device such as a smartphone or tablet. They can be made to do anything, and we mean anything. We don’t see a huge calling for this service yet, but it is emerging. Our programming team is highly skilled and are continually expanding their knowledge and training to meet client demands. Apps can demand a great deal of time and money to create from scratch, but there are alternatives that can be quite affordable and still give our clients’ customers a personalized look and feel when they use the app. We can definitely handle the request. Yes, we can make games too!

Q?I just need a little thing done, do you want to bother with it?

Most likely this answer is a huge YES! There is no such thing as a client that is too small to us. Every big idea has its first sketch and every journey begins with a single step. We will gladly discuss your needs and help you flesh out an idea during our introductory consultation to ensure you realize what you’re getting yourself into and that we are the right choice for your idea’s implementation. We want to establish long term relationships with clients, and that always begins with the first project.

Q?What are your rates?

We customize every quote to meet your expectations and budget. Depending on your scale and complexity, we will work with you to come up with a compensation that makes sense for both parties. Some scenarios might include an hourly rate for graphic design, a page rate for website programming, a percentage rate for bulk mail, a finished-minute rate for video production, and a per-commercial rate for radio ads. Consequentially, any or all of these payment rates will vary depending on the demands of the order. In summary, we will find a way to make it work…after all, we are Solution Consultants!

Q?Do you just do consulting or do you do the actual work?

Yes and yes. We can act as your advisor and oversee your team of pros if you are simply lacking a direction or idea to rally behind. Or, we can *be* your team of pros and rally behind your idea. There’s no rigid formula for success other than to work hard from a solid plan, and persevere.

Q?Do you do media buying or do I?

We will serve the client in what ever capacity he/she wishes. MacGyver Group has decades of experience in purchasing Radio, TV, Newspaper, and Direct Mail advertising needs. We can handle your need from concept to delivery.

Q?Can you handle my whole political campaign?

YES! We’ve successfully served every stage of a campaign from the initial logo to victory party planner.

This means everything… logos, brochures, TV ads, radio ads, print ads, t-shirts, balloons, direct mail, robo calls, palm cards, signs, banners, vehicle wraps, handouts, flyers, websites, tchotckes, speech writing, stage design, fundraisers, events, rallies, victory dinners,  and anything else a candidates desires.

Our candidate clients have ranged in scope through and including, part or the entire campaign for : county party leader, school board, supervisor, sheriff, clerk, delegate, state senate, Attorney General, Lt. Governor, Governor, and US House of Representatives and Senate. We’re still looking for a good Presidential candidate to get behind…