Branding Your Self, Company, or Cause

While MacGyver Group, LLC, itself, is a newly formed company in 2013, the combined experience of our principals stretches beyond 100 years! Our clients have included start-up companies to Fortune 100 sized accounts.

Leverage our talent pool and capitalize on what we know! Have us invent—or re-invent— your brand image.

Mercedes-Benz, Harvard, Sony, Nike, and Starbucks are examples of names at the top of their game. They work hard on their brand, and so should you.

Here’s a great example of branding from WestJet Airlines. They don’t focus on the planes, the rates, the baggage costs, or any ‘traditional’ marketing themes. However, after watching this video, think about how you feel about WestJet and whether you would do business with them even if they weren’t the cheapest price (the #1 ranked reason people normally choose airlines signifying that there is no brand loyalty or other motivator.)

Knowing what you know about other airlines already, and having watched this video, would you find yourself choosing WestJet if they were heading your way? If you answer “yes”, then their marketing strategy worked… and you didn’t ask what the price of a ticket was before answering.

Let MacGyver Group rethink your marketing plan and help you conquer the competition.