About us

MacGuyver Group Delivers.

If you need a live event created, TV spot, radio commercial, …graphic design services (print, mail, newspaper, brochures, etc), 3-D modeling, voice-over talent, websites, marketing strategies, legal representation (limited scopes), commercial real estate sales/marketing/promotion… then MacGyver Group is the right choice for you.

We are SOLUTION Consultants, not just another ad agency.

Why choose us

We are a hand-picked selection of highly talented professionals who each have special skills that, when assembled, combine to provide your company, government agency, or non-profit with amazing and affordable solutions to your branding, logistics, and creative needs.

The Most Creative Ideas; The Most Practical Solutions

We create solutions that fit your unique needs, no matter how big or small! …TV commercials, radio commercials, websites, political campaigns, grand opening events, fundraisers, laser shows, brochures, direct mail, 3-D modeling, animation, strategic planning, economic development materials, tourism projects, print advertising, robocalls, SEO, promotional items (anything with a logo on it!), t-shirts, commercial real estate sales-marketing-leasing-construction-rezoning, legal representation, voice-over talent, emcee/deejay services, grant writing, RFP preparation, government contracts, IT, corporate training, local government liaison/advocating.

Oh, did you need something else? Just ask!

Our Team Members

  • Eric Martin
    Economic Development, Tourism, Project Management, Political, Public Relations
  • Bill Carroll
    Audio Engineering, Live Event Management
  • Brenda Martin
    Office Manager, Billing, Receivables, Payables, Human Resources, Communications
  • Thomas Mon
    Vice President of App Development & Government IT Solutions
  • Sandra Arthur
    Special Projects Consultant, Team Leadership, Training, Logistics
  • Clarence Roberts
    App Developer, Religious Coordinator, & Non-Profits
  • Greg Letiecq
    Cinematography, Video, Photography, Motion Graphics, and New Media