‘Digital Cinema’ Pioneer Adds Value and Talents to MacGyver Group Roster

Is your company ready to be the star of a major motion picture? How about just looking like you are on a local level? Digital Cinema is the brainchild of Greg Letiecq, a pioneer of video production in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. Digital Cinema employs techniques that are a step above traditional videos, commercials, and training films. By using a carefully crafted storyboard, precise messaging goals, powerful audio design, and gorgeous visuals; we break away from the traditional look and feel of video and bring a ‘feature film’ emotion to your web and broadcast spots.

MacGyver Group, LLC recently teamed up with Greg to create added value to an upcoming project, and the relationship grew to one each party knew was going to work out well. Independently, our clients chose us because they knew we each deliver a product that emotionally connects with their intended audience and delivers results. Combined, we are both in a position to collaborate on larger scale projects in a multitude of mediascapes.

Greg’s company, NOVA Digital Films, specializes in political campaign messaging and issue advocacy, and as a MacGyver Group A-Team member, he will serve a wider range of clients than ever before and expand his scope beginning with our: commercial real estate clients, county government tourism promotions, public access television, and federal government training videos.

Eric Martin, President of MacGyver Group, was thrilled to learn Greg would be available to join forces, stating, “Greg’s vision and trained eye can deliver the kind of emotional, inspirational, and goal-driven video solutions that our clients are seeking. His unique Digital Cinema spots— or ‘future Academy Awards’, as I like to call them— deliver more energy, meaning, and emotion than our industry typically creates. I’m excited to work with Greg and welcome him aboard.”

Take a look at Greg’s portfolio and you’ll see that his work speaks for itself. What you’ll see doesn’t look like traditional video. It doesn’t feel like traditional video. …It’s Digital Cinema— and it works!