Live Entertainment-AudioProducer Bill Carroll Teams Up with MacGyver Group

Bill Carroll has worked on the sets of music videos, in Broadway theatre, and many stage performances, so he is no stranger to entertainment. Mr. Carroll  is a radio producer by day, and disc jockey by night at a 50,000-watt FM station in the Greater Washington, DC market.

Throughout his three-decade-long career, Mr. Carroll has acquired amazing skills and experience working with national event and sporting venues including: The World Kickboxing Association, Time Warner, MTV, VH1, Six Flags, Coca Cola, Nickelodeon, Clear Channel Communications, Motorola, The United Nations, Paramount Pictures & Theme Parks, Anheuser Busch, Verizon, HBO, Tommy Hilfiger, Def Jam Records, AT&T, and hundreds more!

distantstarMr. Carroll founded Distant Star Productions in 2003 to fill the growing demand for voice talent in TV, movies, and audio books. This company kept him in close contact with a diverse talent pool and in constant ‘deadline’ mode, so he is used to pulling off the “impossible” when deadlines call.

His personal passion is helping children defeat their self-image problems associated with being bullied at school, so he has invested much of his spare time in creating educational programs aimed at teaching elementary school-aged children how to interact productively. When he isn’t busy teaching young children to ‘take the edge off’, he is teaching grown ups how to ‘rock hard’ and be great audio and video producers in a broadcasting school he founded.

“Bill’s  extensive marketing and entertainment acumen will add great talent to our pool of superstars at MacGyver Group, LLC. I am excited to welcome him aboard to work on some new contracts we’re in the process of getting. I know he will add fantastic creativity to our consulting solutions, as well as, increased efficiency in our turnaround times for our TV, radio, and print deadlines. Bill Carroll is a rare breed of highly talented and highly disciplined people, which is why we will be a great fit for each other,” said Eric Martin, president of MacGyver Group.

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